Bali Lepang
Resort l Hotel
Owner | Operator : PT Wisma Banhill
Location : Bali, Indonesia
Date : 2013
Concept : B A L I : Mystical, mysterious and deeply spiritual … words alone cannot convey the complexity and depth of its history, its rich religious and artistic culture and the multi-layered, dense and spatial architecture unique. Bali, offers something measurably different, alternative and unique to other destinations. Wanderers, poets, writers, musicians and artist come to Bali to escape. Yet Bali has begun to suffer from its tremendous success. Our design for Lepang Beach offers little more than a pause, a space, a retreat, in keeping with the Balinese sense of space and time.

Time is of little importance to the Balinese: it is circular, gauged by gentle flowing cycles of life. There are few beginnings and endings, as in the Balinese desa-kala-patra (space-time situation). From this we have drawn our inspiration. No beginning and no ending: an architecture that is fused seamlessly into the landscape and becomes no longer architecture.