Kinki Bar
 Bar and Restaurant
Owner | Operator : Boutique Asset Management Ltd.
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Date : 2012
Concept :
Japanese with an Urban attitude
The design for Kinki Restaurant + Bar Bangkok is inspired by the story of Kinki-chan and the urban attitude the theme projects.  Located on the roof of an existing structure in the vibrant Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, the design was conceived as an abandoned warehouse or loft space that has become an artist’s warehouse, taken over by local graffiti artist and painters.  Like the story of Kinki-chan, the mood and vibe is one of artists, given the chance, can produce great art with an attitude.
Central to the Kinki experience is a flowing relationship between the indoor and the outdoor spaces.  A seamless experience.  The sushi counter is planned as an interior focal point while the drinking bar and DJ booth are centrally located to serve the indoor and outdoor spaces.  
Spatially, the interior design is defined by the large expanses of graffiti art framed within a 1950’s era inspired steel frame structure.  This frame structure is exposed, untreated steel which patinasto a redrusted finish.  Windows and large expansive doors to the outdoor garden are as well untreated steel with clear and brown stained glass patterned in shapes simulating a 20th Century warehouse module.  Polished concrete floors and graffiti painted brick walls contribute to the warehouse aesthetic.
The indoor seating areas are defined by the framed structure and are a combination of large, linear banquets and open seating.  A separate dining area with a private terrace provides VIP dining and for private parties.The terrace bar is spatially an extension of the steel frame indoor structure.  The terrace seating areas are surrounded by low planting wall with hedges of green and red accented planting which give provide a pleasant outdoor garden area. Private outdoor areas are as well created by the low planted walls. 
The ambient lighting is provided by glowing red fabric lanterns, giving a localized Chinese lighting affect. This is combined with strong contrasting direct lighting highlighting the walls of graffiti. The large expanses of graffiti walls, provided by local Thai graffiti artists are themed around Kinki’s exploits and Japanese kinki fish.  Custom designed and fabricated steel tube lanterns and steel pendants highlight the sushi counter, the bar, banquets and private dining space. Bar counters are polished concrete with steel edging compatible with the steel structure.  All the loose furniture is custom designed and fabricated of teak woods, and local woods softened by bold colored local Thai fabrics.