Yangon Office Building
 Office Building
Location : Yangon, Myanmar
Date : 2016
Concept :  Yangon Office Building - Yangon, Myanmar
“…... levitational equilibrium …..| Finding the balance …….”
For the purposes of this RFP submittal we have chosen to present our preliminary and exploratory “research and design process”, which studies the site potential, the optimum work-place environment, environmental and energy issues, energy efficient façade construction and finally, building massing to create an iconic and memorable office building. 
Given the zoning restrictions and development brief of maximizing the allowable plot ratio, we sought to create a single bold move with the building massing. Similar to the Golden Rock perched upon Mt Kyaiktiyo in the Mon state of Myanmar, our building form concept is a dynamically balanced geometrical form.  A singular and precise slice cutting through the building invokes a sense of gravity defying tension that contrasts and complements the more grounded steps which create the building’s base. 
The structure¹s seemingly precarious yet ultimately stable form parallels the fine balance between work and personal life, a natural equilibrium that individuals strive to achieve. 
Centre core for optimum perimeter lighting and workplaces
Column-Free floor plates
Basement Parking. Basement spaces are not counted in the FAR and GFA area. Placing all parking in the basement increase the office net sellable area.
Improve the office work place environment by allowing for a maximization of natural light and provide an inviting, user-controlled environment in order to improve the productivity and well-being of its occupants. 
Steel frame with moment connection trusses
Cast-in-place basements and building core
A building envelope with high thermal insulation will have a significant impact on reducing both the building¹s carbon footprint  and space conditioning costs. 
Improving the volume and distribution of natural light within the building will diminish the need for continuous artificial lighting  while increasing the property¹s desirability for rental. 
Budget allowing - we propose a double skin façade which serves to reduce heat penetration into the interior while simultaneously  allowing natural light in. 
Powder coated Aluminium frame curtain wall system with Insulated glass unit glazing with Low emissivity (Low-E) coatings.
Natural granite stone for exterior hardscaped areas and ground floor lobby areas. 
Durable softscape planting at the perimeter open areas and roof garden.