Anantara Tangalle
 Hotel Resort
Owner | Operator : Serendib Leisure Management Limited
Location : Tangalle, Sri Lanka
Date : 2017
Optimize site planning and plots to achieve unobstructed 
view to the ocean.
Optimize plot locations to achieve 180 Degree views of 
Ocean or Bay
(3) Villa Plan Types to respond to (3) Site Zones as estab
lished by site terrain / gradient
Optimize Retail Building commercial location and presence 
at road and beach access.
Maximize the number of plots to meet Owner target of (22) 
freehold Villa Plots + (1) Existing structure
(22) Freehold Villa Plots
Existing Structure to be adaptive re-used for a Clubhouse
Minimize road presence via cut and fill and dense landscap
ing without obstructing views
Site Entrance provides entry access for Retail and Villa Plots. 
Secure entrance for Villa Plots located past Retail parking
Road access between Hotel and Residences provided
Services building for site utilities, back-up generators, main
tenance functions.
MP SCHEME 1: Villa Types 1 and 2 located at top of site; Villa 
Type 3 along ocean frontage to maximize number of plots
MP SCHEME 2: Villa Types 1 and 3 located at top of site; Villa 
Type 2 along ocean frontage.
Outdoor Living emphasized
Layout Designed to provide ocean view for all interior living 
and Bedroom spaces.
Split Level Plan design to optimize views to ocean for all 
Villa Plots
Flexibility of plan shape; orientation. 
Sustainable Design Features; gardens and pools
(3) Villa Types Designed; each responding to position within 
Master Plan. Villa Types 1 and 2 located at top of site; Villa 
Type 3 along ocean frontage.
VILLA TYPE 1: (4) Bedroom Villa.
Located at highest location on site; with panoramic view.
VILLA TYPE 2: (3) Bedroom Villa.
Located at mid-level of site; with panoramic views
VILLA TYPE 3: (3) Bedroom Villa: 
Located at Ocean Frontage. Narrow plan to maximize
number of ocean front Villas.
Seamless connection to the Ocean view and landscape
Emphasis on outdoor living spaces and garden spaces
Inspiration drawn from Sri Lanka vernacular planning and 
the works of Geoffrey Bawa for garden spaces, materiality; 
use of space.