Novotel Phnom Penh
Owner | Operator : Pasteur Square Co., Ltd.
Location : Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Date : 2017
Concept :  NARRATIVE: Sometimes known as the “Pearl of Asia” or the
“City of Water”, Phnom Penh was re-established as the nation’s 
capital at the strategic convergence of 3 significant rivers, the 
Mekong, the Tonle Sap and the Bassac Phnom Penh in 1865 
under the French Protectorate. Since that time, the French and 
Khumer cultures have intertwined and evolved into a unique 
and distinguished South-East Asian capital: culturally, urban 
planning, architecture, culinary and artistically. The similarities 
and distinguished cultures are an optimum setting for the new 
Accor Hotels Novetel Phnom Penh.  
The project site is located atop a former lake named Beng Keng 
Kang,filled sometime in the mid-20th Century. Since then, this 
neighborhood known as BKK 1 has developed into a 
commercially vibrant expat residential area with numerous food 
and entertainment venues.
CONCEPT | TOWER: To maximize the development potential, 
views to the river, democracy monument and other city center 
features a tower massing has been established. The tower 
massing is displaced | shifted to capture the hotel room and 
facilities program, local setback requirements and to develop a 
unique and iconic massing.  The building façade is vertically 
accentuated to visually increase the building height. The double 
height lobby and F+B venues establish a street level scale and 
presence and scale.
PLANNING: The planning strategy is a vertically stacked urban 
model. The lobby and all Food and Beverage venues are 
strategically located on the ground floor to capture the vibrant 
Pasteur Street food and beverage scene.  Meeting and 
Banqueting are located at lower floors to synthesize with the 
target MICE market. The Spa and pool deck at the lower podium 
capturing sunlight, street scale and views.  Standard and Suite 
room floors form the body with a future roof top bar at the 
building crown.
Powder coated Aluminum frame curtain wall system 
•      6+6mm laminate light grey glass north and east façades. 
•      Light grey Insulated glass units with Low-E film
•      6+6mm spandrel glass between floors
Natural granite stone for exterior drives and terrace 
Durable softs-cape planting at the perimeter.
Diaphragm wall basement construction. 
Cast-in-place reinforced concrete columns cores
•       Post-tensioned slabs and beams.
Chilled water A/C system heat recovery systems.
Exterior façade with high thermal insulation will have a 
        significant impact on reducing both the building¹s carbon 
        footprint and space conditioning costs. 
Improving the volume and distribution of natural light within 
        the building will reduce artificial lighting loads.
Waste water treatment plants, Heat recovery and heat pump
        A/C systems plus other M+E energy saving systems.