Golden Lotus Tower
Hotel, Residential, Office and Retail
Owner | Operator : SOVICO VN
Location : Hanoi, Vietnam
Date : 2005 Unbuilt
Concept : • Create a Landmark status mixed use development and architecture that is contextually compatible. Inspired by Hanoi’s parks, gardens and the Mythical historical origin.
• Provide a creative and unique design that assists the owner with their development goals while creating a landmark development and architecture that the local authorities will approve.
• Create a development that will become an urban destination which includes retail, cultural and academic elements.
• Create a variety of garden and lake spaces as an extension of Hanoi’s urban identity and tradition.
• Maximize the possible view points and vistas within the site, to Hanoi’s gardens and to greater Hanoi.
• Positive-negative type form and space that responds to the urban context.